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Why ICASC is a Great Place to Work

Posted by IowaCityASC on Jul 29, 2022 9:20:32 AM

When you work in the healthcare industry, it’s not just a job. It’s a calling, and your goal is almost always to have a positive impact on the patients in your care. 

That’s why it’s critical for healthcare workers to have a job that’s both fulfilling and enjoyable. At Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), we offer a career that will help you reach your lifelong goals and a job that you’ll look forward to every morning.

But what, exactly, makes Iowa City ASC a great place to work? Well, there’s more than just one reason.

We’re Cool Because We Care

It’s going to sound like we’re tooting our own horn here. But it’s not just our own staff that are convinced Iowa City ASC is a cool place to work. We’ve won multiple workplace awards, including being voted one of the “coolest places to work.”

It’s not because we all wear sunglasses and leather jackets (though it is, in part, due to our witty sense of humor). It’s because we create a compassionate and caring atmosphere, developed over years of carefully curating our company-wide culture. This shows in several ways:

  • Every member of the team matters. Whatever service line you’re working on, you’re always treated like you’re important!
  • Many of our team members describe a feeling of belonging–like Iowa City ASC is a home away from home.
  • The Iowa City ASC team is actively trying to improve wellness in the community, setting up food drives and blood drives.

“I’ve never worked at a place where things were so happy all the time…. It’s very unique.” - Iowa City ASC employee

A History of Nurturing and Caring

This caring nature goes all the way back to the formation of Iowa City ASC. We were established to give patients a more accessible and nurturing surgery option. We firmly believe in making life easier and better for our patients–and in many ways, that’s a huge part of the reward of working at Iowa City ASC. 

Benefits of Working at Iowa City ASC

You can look forward to tangible benefits:

  • We do cutting-edge surgery here, so you’ll be getting the skills you need to keep your career on a competitive track.
  • We offer educational incentives and tuition reimbursement. Our staff is always looking for ways to improve themselves!
  • Our ASC keeps pretty normal hours–so you’ll actually be able to see your family.
  • You’ll make friends for life! At Iowa City ASC, we’re more than co-workers!
  • Look forward to coming to work every day! That’s because we enjoy our jobs–and we’re always laughing!
  • Be free to let your personality show through!

An Emphasis on the Patient Experience

In 2020, Iowa City ASC won a prestigious award for delivering high-quality patient experiences. To be honest, we don’t really care that much about the award itself; but we’re very proud of what the award represents.

At Iowa City ASC, we put patients first. This means we care deeply about creating a high-quality patient experience. We see patients for all kinds of reasons, from knee replacements to hernia repair. And in each of these cases, we can help patients undergo an outpatient procedure and return home for their recovery.

This means you’ll be part of a team that truly cares about patients and improving the quality of life of these patients. 

Your Home Away From Home

If you’re going to work somewhere, you may as well enjoy it, right? We like to think of Iowa City ASC as a sweet spot: you’ll do challenging, meaningful work that sets your career up for success–but you’ll be so happy as part of our team that you may never want to leave!

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